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“And when we redeem our sexuality from shame and fear, we enter a matrix of body, mind, spirit and emotions. Transforming ourselves, we change the world.” - Caffyn Jesse

Sensual Healing & Intimacy Education Services

Are you in search of sensual healing?  Maybe you're looking for a skilled guide who can help you overcome sexual anxiety or shame - someone you can talk to about your attraction to tgirls/trans women/shemales.  Perhaps you're in need of a hands-on healer who can help you reclaim your pleasure after an injurymedical surgery, or trauma.  Or maybe you just want to learn new sexual skills to enhance your experience and self-confidence in a sensual encounter.  

You are not alone.  Since the ancient times, individuals of every gender in every culture have sought out the services of sacred sexual healers.  In the past, these healers were sometimes known as temple prostitutes, or priests/priestesses of the Goddess of Love.  Today, depending on their specific training, some call themselves sexological bodyworkers, somatic sex educators, or sexual surrogates (all are different in training, style, and scope of practice, but share the common theme of hands-on sexual healing work).

I am currently pursuing intensive training in the healing powers of erotic massage in the tradition of sacred intimacy. I have learned tantric techniques, Taoist ecstatic erotic massage, and am training in somatic sex education. I have traveled all over the world learning new techniques.  My work may be helpful for the following issues: 

- Sexual anxiety, difficulty "staying in the moment" 

- Difficulty achieving erection or orgasm

- Experiencing sexual or sensual pleasure post-surgery, ie prostate surgery or genital surgery

- Trouble with sexual communication: asking for what you want, receiving rejection/boundaries from others

- Understanding or feeling comfortable with desire for transgender women/shemales/tgirls, wanting to explore sensual encounters with trans women in a safe and non-judgemental way

- Exploring the desire to be feminized or treated in a feminine way during sensual encounters

- Wanting to experience greater pleasure, full-body pleasure, or new types of pleasure

When you come for a sensual healing or intimacy education session with me, I will start with an intake process in order to get to know you and your goals.  Then, we will work together to craft a session using breathing techniques, sound and movement, touch, and erotic massage to explore.  We may also try pleasure mappinggenital de-armouring, and anal massage.  All activities will be discussed in advance, and initiated only by your request

Although some mutual touch may be appropriate during our healing work, the focus of these types of sessions is on you and your pleasure, rather than on interaction or giving me pleasure. Please note that I do not ever engage in sexual intercourse during sensual healing or intimacy education sessions, as I am not trained for this and am unable to do so ethically.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT THERAPY OR MENTAL/MEDICAL HEALTH TREATMENT, nor does it replace such treatment. For ethical reasons, I may have to decline to work with you or stop working with you if psychological or physical risks to either of us start to emerge.  I am knowledgeable about health and social services in Toronto and may be able to refer you to a professional if necessary.  However, you are responsible for your own health care.

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