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Pleasure & Fantasy Play Services


Before we get to the  exciting part, a note about boundaries: My services are primarily about giving you skilled, safe, sensual touch in an environment that is nurturing and safe.  It's not about a "porn star experience". - while that is a fabulous service that other providers offer, I prefer to focus on authentic intimacy and exploration. I welcome mutual surface touch on any part of my body, and I am open to some negotiation.  However, the following are limits that I will never compromise: 

- We will not engage in any activity without suitable protection

- We will not engage in any non-consensual activity; I will let you know if I am uncomfortable, and you are encouraged to do the same

- I do not provide "full service" on the first meeting; and you should never expect full service at any meeting, this is something we must discuss in advance based on our mutual comfort

- I will not become romantically or socially involved with you outside of our bodywork sessions (read more about this on my FAQ page)

Whew! Now that's out of the way and we can move on to the fun stuff...


Imagine yourself, completely at ease on my professional massage table.  You are as unclothed as you feel most comfortable and sexy being, and I am as nude as you've ever dreamed of seeing me.  Imagine my hands gliding over your skin, slowly awakening all your most sensitive parts. Imagine reaching to touch me in mine.  Little by little, our bodies build to their inevitable climax....and burst free in ecstatic release.

As a devotee of pleasure and the human body, I've spent many moons studying the arts of relaxation massage, touch for pleasure, and sexuality.  A consummate professional, I am dedicated to pursuing continuing education in these arenas - my current repertoire includes skills in Swedish massage, Thai massage, fascial stretch, and sexological bodywork


Deep, languorous kissing and body-to-body caressing are favorite activities of mine and  a part of the massage experience if you would like. 


This is one of my more recent offerings! Over the past year, I have immersed myself in the professional study of the ancient art of Thai massagea 2500-year-old practice that combines gentle stretching, yoga postures, slow and rhythmic pressure, and light percussion in order to create a state of deep meditation and physical relaxation.  Unlike other types of massage, Thai bodywork is practiced on a floor mat and engages the practitioner's entire body as an instrument of healing. A teacher of mine once referred to Thai massage as ''the dance of the souls'' and I find this title totally apt. 

From my studies, I have developed a completely unique sensual ritual designed to lift you out of the world of mundane chatter and stress and into an exotic realm where you are utterly transported into bliss.  Every muscle in your body will slowly - deliciously - surrender to the gentle, graceful pressure of my palms, forearms, feet, and thighs until all your daily worries, aches, and pains have totally melted away.  My erotic Thai massage ritual is totally unique in this field, and can be combined with my other services for even deeper pleasure. 


Please note: Because of the slow, ritual nature of Thai massage, 1.5 hour or longer sessions are required for this service.  Traditional Thai massage lasts from 2-3 or even 4 hours per session.  Thai massage is not recommended for anyone with a history of serious joint or spine injuries, untreated blood pressure issues, or active inflammation of the soft tissues or organs. 


As an experienced sensualist, I know that one of the most exciting - and secret - fantasies of many men is the idea of of being deliciously, deeply, divinely penetrated to his very core. I am skilled in digital (hand) prostate massage, and I am more than delighted to show you all the many splendors that your body holds in trust..  Please note that this service is not to be mistaken with sexual intercourse.


In addition to erotic massage, I am very happy to spend time talking, cuddling, and otherwise non-sexually enjoying time with you in private or in public. I love giving and receiving hospitality, and I am happy to help you find new places in Toronto to eat or have fun.  In regards to my gender identity, I am very feminine and "passable" in public, and I am an expert in managing social situations of all kinds. Companionship may take place as part of a massage session or on its own.   This is a trans girlfriend experience, and I am delighted to play the part. 



​I am open to light fetish and kink play with you, including sensual domination, simple bondage, and forced feminization.  I do not provide any submissive services, and I am not open to any play involving bodily fluids or scat.

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