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Who are you, and why do you do this? Is this a scam?

I'm Pandora, and I'm just a transgender erotic masseuse, standing in front of a boy (or girl, or person of any gender), asking you to pay her for exceptionally pleasurable touch.   I'm an avid reader, a geek girl, a self-deprecating sophisticate, a seeker of adventure, a devotee of authentic human connection. As a Renaissance woman, I have several other jobs, professions, and callings. I am most definitely not a scam. I do this because I want to make you feel amazing. 

Are you COVID vaccinated/safe?

Yes, I have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and will be seeking boosters as necessary. I take COVID safety seriously, and to that end, am happy to mask during your visit if you would like. I went on hiatus for the first 1.5 years of the pandemic and am now only seeing a low volume of clients.

What are your physical stats? 

Thanks for your interest in my body! I am non-op (I haven't had genital surgery), 5'7, slim, small-chested (though this might change in future, as I'm seeking breast augmentation), and very naturally feminine.  I tend not to wear too much makeup - just enough to give me a bit of extra glamour. 


II have to say that I struggle with queries that contain abrupt or crude questions about my genitalia  (ie, "how big are you down there?").  I'm a person who provides an experience, not an object in a market!  However, I'm glad you're interested in my "trans girl treasure."  Suffice it to say that I haven't had any complaints. 

Where are you located?  Do you do outcalls? 

I'm located in the East End of Toronto, in a gorgeous, airy vintage condo.   have a completely equipped massage studio with table, Thai mat, and other accoutrements. I can sometimes accommodate outcalls to upscale downtown hotels.  If you would like me to make a house call, please know that I will require a very thorough screening. 

What are your limits? 


Thank you for asking! In general, I follow the consent and pleasure principle: my boundaries are somewhat flexible, but they are based on our mutual comfort.  If either of us isn't into something, then we will not be doing it.  I reserve the right to refuse to perform any kind of sexual service, and so should you - unlike many escorts/sex industry workers, I sell my time, massage skills, and an experience of sensuality rather than any specific sexual acts.  This is not to say I don't respect escorts and sex workers who sell sex acts - all sex work is work, skilled and important work, and we all deserve respect.  I just do what I am best at doing.

I will never compromise the following boundaries: 

- We will not engage in any activity without suitable protection

- We will not engage in any non-consensual activity; I will let you know if I am uncomfortable, and you are encouraged to do the same

- I do not provide "full service" on the first meeting; and you should never expect full service at any meeting, this is something we must discuss in advance based on our mutual comfort

Will you go on a date with me/hang out with me? 

No (read on for the explanation).

This is hard one. Different providers have different boundaries around this.   In my time in this work, I have met some truly wonderful souls, and on very rare occasions made a social connection with them. However, as I continue to learn and grow, I have increasingly shifted my work to center clear boundaries and emotional safety (for you and for me).  Having a clear separation between our social lives and the sensual services I offer allows us to go deeper, and in some cases, to do truly healing work.  It also helps prevent us from developing unrealistic expectations (and the corresponding disappointment) about our relationship, ie I can't be your girlfriend, and you can't buy me house! (Well, unless you really, really, really want to buy me a house.)

Many of my clients ​remark upon how safe, easy to talk to, and understanding I am - this is a trained skill that I have honed over many years.  Please understand that this isn't the "whole" me - if you were to get to know me outside of work, I would still be nice to be around (I hope), I would also have many more emotional needs and flaws. Having good boundaries around our time together allows me to put those needs into the background so that I can focus on giving you the truly nurturing intimate experience that you deserve. 

Do you see first timers? 

I absolutely do! One of my favorite aspects of this work is providing a totally safe and relaxed atmosphere for individuals who are taking their first foray into sensual massage and/or the companionship of trans women.  I am a skilled conversationalist and I am totally non-judgmental.  It's my honor and my delight to be your first experience. 

What if I'm nervous? 

Nerves are a natural human response to trying something new, especially something sensual, given that we live in a society that shames and stigmatizes sex.  We also live in a society that shames and stigmatizes trans women and the people who are attracted to us.  I aim to create a space that exists outside of shame and prejudice, where we are free to explore all those desires and sensations that call you home.  Feel free to ask me questions and to talk about your session - the more communication, the better. 

Your (and my) privacy is sacred to me, and I am the soul of discretion.  If you have any concerns about privacy, please let me know and we will discuss how to best help you feel comfortable.

“It is an absolute human certainty

that no one can know his own beauty

or perceive a sense of his own worth

until it has been reflected back

to him in the mirror of another loving,

caring human being.” 
John Joseph Powell



What are your qualifications?  

Oh, you mean besides being extraordinarily attractive? ;) I am university-educated and am a highly trained human service professional, meaning that I am an expert in body language, communication, sexuality, and psychology.  I am professionally trained in Thai massage, Swedish massage, and Sexological Bodywork (a type of erotic massage and sexual healing).  Please note:  I am not a Registered Massage Therapist, and I'm not qualified to treat any serious medical issues through massage.  My work is about pleasure and sensual exploration only.

Do you have reviews/can I write a review? 

In general, I have a no-review policy, though I appreciate you wanting to help my business.  If you'd really like to write one, please let me know in advance. Just a heads up: I don't particularly like the term "shemale," and will thank you to please refer to me as "trans," "transgender," or as a "tgirl" instead.


What kind of clients do you like to see? 


I require that my guests arrive freshly showered (or prepared to do so at my in call), well-groomed, and respectful, with the donation ready in cash at the beginning of our session.  Gifts are not required but always appreciated.  I adore communication, and well-worded (note: not graphic) booking emails are the road to my heart.  I very much appreciate clients who arrive with a clear sense of what they are looking for. 


As you can tell from my site, I do not offer much in the way of a high-intensity "porn star experience" - if you're looking for this, you're better off seeking out other providers.  I don't try to replicate the services provided by other girls, and I'm afraid I just can't live up to every trans girl fantasy on the internet.  I offer a unique, genuine human interaction paired with a high level of interpersonal and sensual skill.  


When are you available? 


It's best to book me in advance, though I am sometimes available for same-day appointments.  I will always try to accommodate your schedule!  

Why do you screen?

I take comfort and safety pretty seriously.  If I don't feel safe with you, I can't provide a high-quality experience; and if you don't feel safe with me, you won't fully enjoy what I have to offer.  I take the time to make sure that we have a basic level of comfort with each other before meeting, though I'm fairly flexible about the way we go about it.  However, you should know that the bottom line is, I won't see you if I don't feel safe doing so. 

Is it wrong to hire a companion/provider/erotic masseuse?

No.  As long as the person you are hiring is consenting, of legal age, and sound mind, then I absolutely do not believe that it is wrong to hire a companion or sensual service provider.  On the contrary - we live in a where sexual desire is shamed and people are denied touch, a world where women and LGBT people are economically disadvantaged in the traditional employment sector.  Erotic work is an opportunity to make beautiful connections, to fulfill the spirit, and create economic opportunities that wouldn't be available anywhere else.  Let me put it this way: I worked in a "conventional" career for many years and was very successful at it - and once I started my practice as a sensual bodyworker and trans erotic massage provider here in Toronto, I was far happier, healthier, and more liberated. 

The best way to know how your provider feels about his/her/their work is to ask them about it.  Do your research and find out if your provider is independent or employed by an agency.  Agencies can be good or terrible employers (just like in any other field).  The best way to hire a companion ethically is to treat them well!  Good clients make my day, and bad ones can ruin it.

You deserve to be touched: intelligently, intentionally, with pure intention and presence.  There is nothing wrong with seeking that out, on the contrary: There is everything human about wanting to touch and be touched.

What do you love about this work?

Meeting wonderful people.  Exploring the miracle of touch.  Making intimate connections.  Giving people pleasure. 


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"I wonder if this is how people always get close: They heal each other's wounds; they repair the broken skin.” 
― Lauren Oliver

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